About Martin James

I was born outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Most of my inspiration comes from southern roots. When I was about ten years old, my father put a guitar in my hands, showed me three chords, and told me to keep time. He played the mandolin and insisted I be his back up to old hillbilly songs. I've played those three chords on and off for most of my life.


I spent a lot of the 80's and 90's in and out of bands, singing and playing rhythm guitar. The best part of that period are the fellow musicians I came to love and admire. I created and cut my first album, "Impossible Dreams," in 2002. The success was meager at best. So, I have relented to doing cover songs for the time being.


Over the years, my taste in music has mellowed to the listener-friendly likes of Van Morrison, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, Paul Simon, etc... Today, I enjoy the finer things in life: family, friends, and playing those three chords that bring so much joy to so many.


--Martin James